“I worked with David in his role as UX designer at Healthdirect Australia. He is a keen and enthusiastic designer with a detailed user experience focus. He is a very good idea generator, and always puts forth a range of good options in response to design problems. David is passionate about UX and is always looking to learn more and explore further. He is also highly personable and helps make the office a nice place to work.”

Trevor Thompson
Business Analyst – Online Services Lead, Healthdirect


Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” — Joe Sparano

It’s the UX designer’s job to be inside a user’s brain.”

Good design is easy to digest — the brain shouldn’t have to expend a ton of energy to figure out what the heck it’s looking at. With any luck, people will just “get it” without needing a 6-section explanation.”

Good design is honest. Aside from understanding the words in your value prop, you need the user to understand the actual value. Being coy or unclear about your product isn’t going to win any fans.”

Pretending to be a user is easier when you’re not also having to pretend to use a device.”

The ultimate delight is when someone forgets your product is a “product” — where it’s so useful that it doesn’t even read as a product anymore, just simply as some useful thing in a person’s life.