Multimedia Design

Digital media design  I Logo design I Print design

My early career saw me working with agencies as Hulsbosch and Landor & Associates, working across areas such as point of sale, packaging design and experiential artwork.

As digital design began to dominate the landscape and I developed my coding skills through Grenadi School of Web Design as well as a group of online certifications and took on digital training to produce EDM’s and web banners and microsites at Fairfax Digital and the Creative Services Unit, working with the UX team.

My services and expertise cross such platforms as print, brand identity, experiential design, design for the music industry

ANZ App (Big tin Can)

The design of this app saw me working in a very small and lean team to carry out the design of a banking loan app, that needed to capture the details and information, in order to structure financial needs for customers, mainly in rural areas, with large expenditure budgets and limited by lack of online access.
Our team consisted of a Senior Designer and a UX consultant, and myself creating the prototypes and UI design.
The project two a few months and took me to Melbourne to present in front of key stakeholders.




AAS (Australian Associated Securities  – Various Design

Freelancing at AAS gave me opportunities to work on a range of financial and Superannuation design projects, including email design and site UI and design. Emails were hand coded, tested (Email on Acid, Mailchimp) and distributed through a CMS (Market First).



Fairfax Media

Design and artwork for specialty channel and ‘geek’ channel landing pages


Healthdirect – App Icon Concepts

Design explorations undertaken for Healthdirect app icon. Healthdirect’s  indigenous inspired ‘stones around the pool’ took on a new direction in  visual identification.


Omnivore – Brand Identity (Startup)

Logo design, experiential design, tshirts, brochures


Microsoft – Windows 8 – Product Launch – Wundermans, Sydney

Flash development, UI and design