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I am a user experience designer, who has designed apps and domain based websites, intranets, email marketing, and a range of promotional based web design.

As a senior UX designer at Cuscal from 2016 to 2018, I have worked alongside Product Managers, Business Analysts and development teams, clients, Account Managers and Insight managers, in both Agile and traditional environments, to deliver seamless product experience in banking applications. I was responsible for the full UX delivery and testing of a white label app solution and several bespoke solutions for other clients, working in the B2B2C environments.

From 2014 to 2015, I was engaged to provide the interaction design and user experience design for both an app and a multi service domain based website for HealthDirect. I engaged with a business analyst, a product manager and a development team and solutions architect, to produce wireframes ideations, and continually test and refine solutions, as well as test with general public members, in facilitated interviews.

I am a passionate UX’er, having made a dedicated transition from a graphic design background, then obtaining front end development skills, into UX. I have a comprehensive, innate understanding of delivering both functional and delightful product, and showing a talent for empathy and advocacy of user needs.

Through such methods as workshopping, sketching, ideation, and sharing/presentation, I have developed a thorough and holistic approach to UX design.

Health direct Australia site redesign

This main project involved workshopping, persona creation, research, brainstorming sessions, stand-up conceptualising, wireframes, iterative prototyping, user testing and monitoring to ensure business and user needs, and then to visual mockups. The project’s high level requirements included increased health literacy for users, increased medicine information, increased SEO and traffic, and ease of use for symptom checking.
In conjunction with a site redesign, a Healthdirect app design was completed, with various workshops and wireframes supplied, as well as global log in, site treatments for Pregnancy Birth Baby, Mind Health Connect, Carers gateway MyAged Care.















Cuscal - Mobile App UX design

 (Business to Business to Consumer)

Upon commencing at Cuscal, a very basic financial app solution was in place, that lacked user experience consideration or design consideration. I started from scratch and began research and liaison with both clients and stakeholders to gain direction and knowledge of the scope.

Sketches and wire frames were created to identify flows in the the then current app, and then I embarked upon a deeper level of research and development, to highlight pain points and needs. Workshops were also held, to gain client feedback and to hear their needs.

I iterated my thoughts and findings and circulated them through my team, as well as to external departments, and honed down the actual process and functionality.


Samples of work available on application