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Since 2011, I have worked in environments with UX methodology to identify user needs and achieve business goals. Initially, I experienced UX methodology within Fairfax media, working alongside a dedicated UX team whilst developing, designing and providing design solutions for all teams, across such departments as Domain, Drive and Mycareer creating promotional pages, banners and complete design and branding concepts for events.

Later,  after various freelance assignments, I took on a senior digital designer position at Think education, where the entire team wore a UX hat alongside their own, and my experience deepened whilst working on several projects simultaneously. It was at Think that I was able to apply development skills, design skills, UX skills and even some new-found skills as a producer, being responsible for the content and launch of www.jni.edu.au.

With my appetite well and truly whetted, I later took on training at General Assembly, where up on I was in good stead for work at Healthdirect, where the proportion of UX design to visual design increased greatly. Having the access to user testing both in house (‘guerilla testing’) and externally,  and at such Sydney agencies as the Fore, I absorbed valuable insights into how the public reacted to my designs. Amongst the UX projects I contributed to was the service Finder, enabling users to locate nearby medical services, wherever they were in Australia, and filter the selections (http://www.healthdirect.gov.au/australian-health-services)

The new look www.healthdirect.gov.au will be live in June 2016

Recently Completed – Design Labs UX Design and research
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Health direct Australia site redesign

This main project involved workshopping, persona creation, research, brainstorming sessions, stand-up conceptualising, wireframes, iterative prototyping, user testing and monitoring to ensure business and user needs, and then to visual mockups. The project’s high level requirements included increased health literacy for users, increased medicine information, increased SEO and traffic, and ease of use for symptom checking.
In conjunction with a site redesign, a Healthdirect app design was completed, with various workshops and wireframes supplied, as well as global log in, site treatments for Pregnancy Birth Baby, Mind Health Connect, Carers gateway MyAged Care.















Cuscal - Mobile App UX design (Fintech)

Upon commencing at Cuscal, the tasks I were handed included a complete new UX appraisal of a a year old app and a series of APIs, that serviced just 12 clients financial service needs. the current total is 25 clients and growing, and each clients app was naturally branded accordingly.

Wireframes were created to identify flows in the the then current app, and then I embarked upon research and development, to highlight pain points and needs. Workshops were also held, to gain client feedback and to hear their needs.

I iterated my thoughts and findings and circulated them through my team, as well as to external departments, and honed down the actual process and functionality.